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Company Name:
Are you interested in Life Changing Innovation? As with Thomas Edison, we have a history of working with the worlds greatest innovators. We solve our customers most complex problems that others cant or wont. Collaboration, Innovative Spirit and Career Development are just a few of the reasons world class professionals choose Corning Incorporated for a career. We are headquartered in Corning - a vibrant city in Upstate, NY where residents enjoy the benefits of a rich arts and culture scene, one of the worlds fastest-growing wine regions and a family friendly area with affordable homes and quality education.
Corning is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, creating and manufacturing keystone components that enable high-technology systems.
Cornings history is filled with breakthrough technologies that have played an important role in the way the world works. We thrive on solving difficult, commercially relevant problems through an innovative and collaborative research and development process. Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D, more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, and a distinctive collaborative culture.
With more than 160 years of science and engineering knowledge, Corning Incorporated creates keystone components for high-technology systems in consumer electronics, mobile emissions control and life sciences. Our Optical Communications segment delivers connectivity to every edge of the network, from optical fiber, cable, hardware and equipment to fully-optimized optical solutions.
What we do is life changing. Our innovations help customers keep pace with the worlds insatiable demand for bandwidth, accelerating the delivery of information and keeping the world connected to the important people, places and things that enhance our lives.
To know more about Corning Optical Communications, visit us at:
Scope of Position:
Design, develop, improve and industrialize manufacturing platforms (platform = process + equipment) for revolutionary manufacturing processes which yield step-change reductions in manufacturing cost and/or which enable new products with advantaged attributes.
Supervise and/or execute initial set-up, start-up, documentation, and debug of manufacturing processes and/or equipment and ancillary systems, then turnover to Operations and Plant Engineering.
Work is typically completed as a member of a technology development and/or technology deployment team chartered with improving one or more of the following: manufacturing yields (selections), process rate, machine utilization, product quality, new product quality, environmental compliance, raw material yield, and/or energy usage.
Major Responsibilities:
Develop and use project plans and timelines to achieve project goals without sacrificing safety, intellectual property, or quality. Adhere to all Corporate, Business Unit, and Site guidelines for same.
Learn & understand process & equipment functions in area of responsibility.
Design, develop, and industrialize manufacturing platforms (platform = process + equipment) for revolutionary manufacturing processes. Re-design machine/process systems or sub-systems to solve safety, performance, or quality issues, or reduce either the as-installed or long-term operational costs.
Provide troubleshooting support to the prototype platform during development and demonstration phase.
Develop and use mechanical, chemical, and electrical start-up/debug checklists, schedules, drawings, and process equipment documentation (and or direct technicians to create and/or modify the same).
Direct initial equipment set-up and debug up to the point of turnover to operations.
Travel Requirements:
These positions will be development-centric with travel typically
Hours of work/work schedule/flex-time:
The position is overtime exempt. Overtime is not uncommon and is indeed expected at times, however the amount and duration will vary as a function of the job position, particular project, and point in the project life cycle.
Required Education and years of experience:
Minimum BS or MS in either Chemical, Ceramic, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering, or Materials Science, with 3-5+ years engineering experience, including process engineering experience.
Desired Skills:
Display a bias for action in situations of uncertainty, with pro-active attention to issues and problems,
Use scientific method and engineering principles to solve problems thoroughly and effectively, using well-designed and executed process experiments.
Drive for root cause fundamental understanding and permanent solutions.
Translate engineering solutions to requirements, then further to process and/or equipment designs which deliver all required and promised performance criteria.
Effectively use relevant measured and/or modeled data to drive decisions and actions.
Determine and recommend best solution from a series of alternatives within plant guidelines.
Thoroughly carry assignments to completion.
Communicate effectively in various settings to provide and present necessary information to Project, Department, and Site leaders.
Work well both within a multi-disciplined team, and independently with minimal oversight. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist